Brown Fish Owl

Large, eared owl, rufous brown above heavily streaked with black or dark brown, paler whitish below with dark streaks and fine brown bars. White throat, yellow eyes and a rather indistinct facial disk.

South West Asia,Iran,Pakistan, Indian sub-continent,Sri Lanka, Mainland South East Asia.

The Brown Fish-Owl frequents various types of forests almost always near slow-moving streams. It can be found in old plantations, groves with mature trees, steep banks and canalsides.

The Brown Fish-Owl feeds primarily on fish, frogs and freshwater crabs. Other prey items such as crayfish, snakes and lizards are taken. Hunts from perch, watching for preys over water, pool or stream. Once the prey is detected, it swoops down with dangling legs above water and catches the prey with the talons.

Breeds in dry monsoon season, when water levels are low, making easier to locate the aquatic preys.

The Brown Fish-Owl gives deep, rapid, hollow “HU WHO-hu” or “HUP-HUP-hu” as territorial calls. The last note is barely audible.
We can also hear a deep booming “hOOo BOOOOo-hOOo”, and a mournful scream.